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I. New Challenge

QUIVER was difficult to make. I had to enter studio three times to record it and then another three for all the rest. Overall a period of one full year. We literally paid attention to every single tiny detail. If the quality standards we’ve set were not met, then we had to re-work it again and again until it was done.

Once it was ready I knew I was holding the best work I have ever produced to date.

II. Solace

I remember the night my previous album OMEGA was finalised. I got the master disk, came back home – it was raining of course – and once I was done listening to it, there was a certain feeling:

“This might be the last solo album I will release”

III. Timeless Perfection

I kept this line for about six years. The creator’s bug though was working inside me all this time. But I did not want to put something out just for the sake of doing it. It had to be really good, needless to mention a more solid statement than the previous release. This is the case for me.

Each release needs to be more polished than the previous one.

IV. The Disruption

One of the most interesting back-stories during the making of QUIVER, is that the collaboration between UnrealStudioz and me is founded upon the principles of the “Exchange Economy”. We reciprocated on each other’s needs under the commitment they would treat me an exceptional recording in exchange for a brand new website crafted by me. It’s an amazing new perspective when you…

realize that we can eradicate the monetary bariers!

V. Dazzling Polestar

This is QUIVER.

It’s all about the power within, a sparkle of renaissance. A perpetual arcing in the pursuit of constant improvement.

Enjoy the best piece of me!

See how it was made

A Sophisticated Handpan Journey

QUIVER encapsulates my highest handpan virtuosity level achieved so far and a state of the art recording and mastering ever been made. It has already ranked among the top selling handpan albums on Bandcamp. Keeping a solid and prudent approach to instrument’s naturalness, these 11 new compositions have come to texture a trans-phonic dimension for you with several layers of uniquely synthesized handpan sound. Plunge into a relaxing and sense-awakening sonic experience.

Quiver CD


Get one or more from 500 exclusive copies in hand-crafted premium case made of multi-colour foil & black truffle paper. Bonus, HQ mp3 dnld to listen to until you receive the physical copy.

Quiver MP3


In case you are a fully digital fledged listener, the download option would be the best fit. Your copy, at 320kbps uncompromising quality, will hit your inbox upon confirmation of your payment.

Release Date

October 2016

Recorded @: Unreal Studioz, Athens, Greece

Editing: Kostas Ragiadakos, Alex Ketenjian & Spyros Pan

Mastered @: Unreal Studioz, Athens, Greece

Cover Artwork: Bend Design

All songs are composed and performed live in studio by Spyros Pan. Dimitris Konstantakopoulos plays double bass on tracks 3 & 5. Field Recordings by Spyros Pan at various locations around Europe and North America.

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